Our Lesson Programs

Beginning The Dream

A one time, two-hour introduction to horses and riding. You will learn the basics of grooming, tacking and riding. This is a great way to determine if this is to fulfill that one time dream of being able to say you have ridden a horse or the beginning of a dream to fulfill a long love of horses and riding. Price $60

Private / Group Lessons

Our lessons are designed to fit each person’s needs from beginning to advanced riders whether it is a private lesson or a group lesson.


Our private lessons allow you the one-on-one professional trailing devoted to your specific needs and the needs of your horse.


Our group lessons provide the camaraderie of riding together and being able to watch and learn from others.


A qualified, professional trainer works with our horses in all areas which include but are not limited to: desensitizing and de-spooking, trailer loading, ground behavior, clipping and all areas of riding. Each horse is different; therefore, different techniques and amount of training time may vary.

– Training riders to achieve goals through correct and effective communication
– Form equates to function
– Both horse and rider at all levels need to do everything correctly to the best of their ability before moving on
– Everything counts in building “equity” with your horse
– Importance of goals – big or small — and a realistic plan to achieve them

Learn to Ride... Ride to Learn.